Microcoryphila Fall 2013

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Specimen 449-B: Scott Rebecky and Dennis Mullins

Molecular Biology

The objective of this experiment was to pick an insect and extract the DNA from the specimen using DNA Barcoding. The(CO1)gene mitochondrial, being involved in cellular respiration.

DNA Isolation

I chose a big insect to extract my DNA from. The process took little longer because the crushing process of my bug took longer than most students. The goal of crushing our insect was to breakup the insect tissue to expose the cells. When all cells where exposed you added 100 ml of buffer ATL. You mix them together by vortexing for about 10 seconds.

Polymerase Chain Reaction'

PCR was used in this lab to amplify the segment of DNA barcoding. When the PCR process is completed, the gel electrophoresis was indroduced. Once the agarose solution was made, the agarose was placed in a 65 degree C water bath. The solution was poured into the gel casting tray allowing it to solidify. During this process a TBE gel is made so that it can be poured into the chamber to cover gel. Then we ran our first trial with little sucess on having the ladder being visible. Everyone but one person didn't get the ladder reading . No picture to be provided.

IMG 20131003 134422900054495.jpg]

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