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Project 3 Part 1

Red Sphere, Green Cylinder


Project 3 Part 2

Intersecting Cylinders


Difference of Sphere and Cube


All images with plane


Project 3 Part 3

This is my Blender-created animation.
You will see a bunch of stuff
[describe in detail here everything that the requirements (those things with the - mark in the project 3 part 3 description) mention]
I uploaded a .jpg of fire to use for my background. I added a monkey (Suzanna), a sphere and a cone to the image already containing a cube. I then colored the monkey brown, the sphere red and the cube cyan. The cone remained grey. During the animation, the monkey's head rotates, the cube becomes smaller and the monkey with the dunce hat (the cone stretched on the z axis and shrink on the y and x axis) and the sphere move towards the blue shrinking cube. The shadows are cast accordingly on the fire background. I then rendered this animation to play in quicktime and uploaded it to the wiki site.

This is the smaller (200 by 150) animation


Click to download this smaller version

This is the larger (400 by 300) animation


Click to download this larger version

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