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Differentiate between the Internet and the Web.

The Internet and the World Wide Web have a whole-to-part relationship. The Internet is the large container, and the Web is a part within the container. It is common in daily conversation to abbreviate them as the "Net" and the "Web", and then swap the words interchangeably. But to be technically precise, the Net is the restaurant, and the Web is the most popular dish on the menu.

Here is the detailed explanation:

1: The Internet is a Big Collection of Computers and Cables.

The Internet is named for "interconnection of computer networks". It is a massive hardware combination of millions of personal, business, and governmental computers, all connected like roads and highways. The Internet started in the 1960's under the original name "ARPAnet". ARPAnet was originally an experiment in how the US military could maintain communications in case of a possible nuclear strike. With time, ARPAnet became a civilian experiment, connecting university mainframe computers for academic purposes. As personal computers became more mainstream in the 1980's and 1990's, the Internet grew exponentially as more users plugged their computers into the massive network. Today, the Internet has grown into a public spiderweb of millions of personal, government, and commercial computers, all connected by cables and by wireless signals.

No single person owns the Internet. No single government has authority over its operations. Some technical rules and hardware/software standards enforce how people plug into the Internet, but for the most part, the Internet is a free and open broadcast medium of hardware networking.

2: The Web Is a Big Collection of HTML Pages on the Internet.

The World Wide Web, or "Web" for short, is that large software subset of the Internet dedicated to broadcasting HTML pages. The Web is viewed by using free software called web browsers. Born in 1989, the Web is based on hypertext transfer protocol, the language which allows you and me to "jump" (hyperlink) to any other public web page. There are over 40 billion public web pages on the Web today.

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Mohan Maharjan - simple,ongoing, and always eager to learn new technology is pursuing a degree in Information technology at GGC.

Class Mates

Application and system Software

Application and system Software


IT Course

Required IT Courses (30 credit hours)

  • ITEC 2110 Digital Media
  • ITEC 3100 Intro to Networks
  • ITEC 3150 Advanced Programming
  • ITEC 3200 Intro to Databases
  • ITEC 3300 Information Security
  • ITEC 3600 Operating Systems
  • ITEC 3700 Systems Analysis & Design
  • ITEC 3900 Profess Practice & Ethics
  • ITEC 4810 Info Tech Project I
  • ITEC 4820 Info Tech Project II

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