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Diptera Specimen Diptera Specimen

Collected Date: August 27, 2018

Family: Stratiomyidae

Order: Diptera

Location of collection: EHC Downstream

Date of collection: August 27, 2018

Shannon-Wiener Index of Biodiversity: 2.9817719

Distinguishing morphological features of Order:

▪ Body: A slender body with long legs and relatively long antennae with many segments of similar shape and size.

▪ Mouthparts: varies; sucking mouthparts, sometimes adapted for piercing

▪ Wings: One set of wings (front); hind wings reduced (halteres)

▪ Eyes: Very Large.

▪ Antennae: third antennal segment rounded or elongated

▪ Tarsi: nearly always 5-segmented

Economical importance : In the larvae stage they are scavengers feeding on algaes but they are also decomposers feeding on decaying organic matters.

Economical importance: The adults feed on nectar of flowers. they are pollinators

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