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The Final Exam is comprehensive. Review all the topics and key words from Test 1 and Test 2.

  • 70 Multiple choice and matching questions (70 points)
  • Work in myITLab (30 points)

Important Notes:

  • These skill lists have been updated to reflect what will be covered on the final
  • Be sure that you know what you login and password is for myITLab since you will need it for the final exam

In addition, study the following topics:

Technology in Focus: Ethics (p. 144-163)

  • What rights do employers have to monitor computer use?
  • Key terms: computer ethics, social justice, computer abuse, intellectual property, copyright, fair use, plagiarism, software piracy, unethical behavior

Chapter 7

Selected Chapter 7 Learning Outcomes

9. How can hackers attack a network, and what harm can they cause? (pp. 336-340)

10. What is a firewall, and how does it keep my computer safe from hackers? (pp. 340-345)

12. From which types of viruses do I need to protect my computer? (pp. 347-350)

  • Study the following key terms (see p. 356): antivirus software, backdoor program, black-hat hacker, cybercrime, denial of service (DoS) attack, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, firewall, hacker, identity theft, logic bomb, macro virus, time bomb, Trojan horse, virus, white-hat hacker, worm, zombie

Word skills for Final

  1. Create a New Document and Enter Text
  2. Edit Text with the Delete and Backspace Keys
  3. Format the Font, Font Size, and Font Style
  4. Insert a Picture
  5. Create a Document Footer
  • Use the Quick Parts button to insert specific fields into the footer such as Date and File name
  1. Set Document Margins
  • Use Custom Margins setting
  1. Modify Line and Paragraph Spacing
  • Changing line spacing for a paragraph to 1, 1.5, 1.15, etc.
  • Changing the space after a paragraph
  1. Find, Replace, and Replace all Text
  2. Cut, Copy, Paste, and Move Text
  3. Create a Bulleted List
  • Change text to a bulleted list
  • Be able to change the symbol used for the bullet (Home tab --> Paragraph group --> Bullet arrow --> Define New Bullet)
  1. Create a Table
  2. Add Rows and Columns to a Table
  3. Perform a Spelling and Grammar Check
  4. Save in different file formats
  • Save in Word 97-2003 format (Office button --> Save As --> Word 97-2003)
  • Covert back to Word 2007 (Office button --> Convert)

Excel skills for Final

  1. Create and Save a New Document
  2. Enter Worksheet data and merge and center tiles
  3. Adjust column widths and format cells
  • Change width to specific number of pixels (Select column; Right-click --> Column Width)
  • Using cell styles (Calculated value, Title, Heading, etc.)
  1. Use the SUM and AVERAGE functions
  2. Copy formulas and insert column
  3. Format, edit, and check the spelling of data
  4. Create and format a column chart
  5. Construct formulas based for mathematical operations
  • Write formula to add, multiply, divide, and/or substract specific cells
  • Use absolute and relative cell addressing in calculations
  1. Format numbers
  2. Format percentages and insert rows in a worksheet containing formuals
  3. Move, copy, and paste cell contents
  4. Copy a formula using the fill handle

PowerPoint skills for Final

  1. Start PowerPoint 2007
  2. Open a presentation
  3. Create folders and save the presentation
  4. Edit slide text
  5. Insert a new slide
  6. Increase and decrease list level with bulleted text
  7. Modify slide layout
  8. Change the presentation theme (Design --> Themes group)
  9. Create headers and footers
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