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The Life and Times of Natalia Solano

~*~ A Brief Autobiography of a very Lunatic Girl ~*~

If you've stumbled onto this page I would like to candidly apologize for the disturbed story I'm about to tell you. If you don't like a line of unsettling mental monologue, and a series of unfortunately boring events I suggest you stop, go back and keep watching that kitty video you where previously enjoying in YouTube. Now let me begin with my inception, but don't fret it's the story of my birth, not the explicit action's my parents did to create me nine months back: the date was July 10 the year 1994, location Bogota, Colombia and my mother went to visit the OB GYN, because I was a week or so late, and turns out that I was ultimately dying of tachycardia so I shall be born from c section without any of the birth bearing pain. In a way I was destined to be a blessing and a curse. I was born precisely at 8 PM

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