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About me

Hey! My name is Randy . I graduated from Archer High School. Most of my life I have lived in the USA but there was a time I when to Vietnam. At some point I really wanted to learn Vietnamese so eventually I did cause I didn't want to let down my parents and as well my entire family. Since first time I was given a device to watch things. On the internet somewhat lead to you-tube and through that platform I had found something. I found something I been helping me relate too on about geoci Asian people.

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I am a film major . The reason I pick this major was because my love for creativity on media. Also I had fight between if wanted to do more theatrical stuff or media. Lets go.jpg


I like playing a lot of billiards. I also love trying make music but mostly listening to it.

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Favorite Movies

Alright okay.jpg I really believe that films have a powerful voice in influencing what life could look like or be.

Future Plans

I hope I can make film one day not only just in professorial work but maybe as well among my family and Friends. When I was little seeing people be a superhero on TV was so cool. I never actually thought it was possible to be what you want even if

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Favorite dish


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