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Online stores have become more popular as the global economy has moved towards e-commerce for convenience to consumers. These online stores include: Amazon, Overstock, Craigslist, Zappos, and AliExpress.


It started as an online bookseller then expanded to multiple items and item’s that were develop by themselves. Products made by Amazon are the Kindle, Echo, Echo dot, Firestick. 244 million people use Amazon (2014) and 54 million people use Amazon Prime (2016).


  • Amazon Prime
    • Free two-day shipping
    • Access to early deals
    • Video streaming service
    • Music streaming service
    • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Takes care of shipping and returns
  • 50% off of prime for students
  • Support 3rd party sellers


  • International product can be harder to find
  • Complicated UI for new comers
  • User reviews can be useless
  • Prime Service (100$)


Over stock is a online store that sells insurance, furniture, stock, and other things.


  • Variety
  • Great Quality


  • Too many purposes for the site
  • Lengthy delivery time


Craigslist is a central database for classified ads and forums. Some of the items included in the database are: for sale advertisements, personal ads, job opportunities, and subject-related forums.


  • Free to sell and buy
  • Local, community oriented
  • Easy to use
  • Negotiable prices, good deals
  • Completely anonymous
  • Can find about anything on here
  • Usually cash only
  • Face to face transactions
  • Find bargains and be able to barter down in price


  • No enforcement
  • Sell only locally
  • People email and don't show up always
  • People don't cancel their ad once sold
  • May need a truck for pick up and transport
  • Not knowing how much interest there is in an item because it is anonymous
  • Updating Items
  • Payment, no guarantee buyer will pay
  • Not safe- going to some unknown home


Zappos is primarily an online shoe retailer. Its company is under Amazon, which utilizes many similar policies and reflects similar reviews from customers.


  • Advance searches allows easy access and findings for customers
  • No questions asked- returns and exchanges, valid up to one year of purchase
  • Excellent customer service
  • User Friendly
  • Available via apps on phone, tablets, etc.


  • No price match guarantee policy, which means it doesn’t offer the cheapest price against competitors
  • Rarely any discounts
  • No reward membership programs
  • Requires membership (login, password, email, etc.)


AliExpress produces their own goods overseas and ships them around the world. They are mostly known in the U.S for their sports jersey sales.


  • Abundance of self-produced goods
  • Extremely discounted prices
  • Great reviews on the production quality


  • The lack of authenticity of some goods
  • Sometimes long arrival times coming from overseas
  • Small percentage of bad reviews based on quality


Ebay is a global marketplace where users can buy and sell almost any product imaginable.


  • Can buy and sell
  • Set your own prices
  • Vast variety of items
  • Mobile app for on the go buying and selling
  • Finding out of stock, discontinued, or vintage items
  • User friendly interface
  • Protection for buyers and sellers
  • Item tracking


  • Overinflated prices on some items
  • Might be outbid for an item
  • Lackluster customer service
  • Possibility of being scammed by a buyer/seller


By the examination of its availability of membership programs, reliability of its service, variety and quantity of products, excellent customer service with full exchange and return policies, and expandable search options; we believe that Amazon is the best online store than the other competitors. Amazon has grown to become a very popular online store, with merchandise of various types, brands, products, quality, and quantities. In addition, Amazon offers a membership program that benefit to customers' needs, such as the two day shipping of prime items. Early deals, music and video streaming, and free shipping/ returns are the many rewards of being a member of Amazon Prime. Amazon policies are geared towards customers first, that it is rated one of the highest customer satisfaction compared to other stores.

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