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About Me

Right Right

  • My name is Kevin Osorio and I am a Guatemalan American. I was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland and moved to Lawrenceville at the age of four. I have best Friends in both Georgia and Maryland and I like to keep touch with them and visit every once in a while. It also seems I am always traveling to a different country or state as I am always visiting family. Family is a very important aspect in my life and I am either visiting someone or they are visiting me. Growing up in Lawrenceville I attended the schools in that are and eventually Graduated from high school and enrolled in Georgia Gwinnett College. I am currently attending Georgia Gwinnett College and my major is Undecided. I currently do not have a job which is a first for me as I got my first job at fifteen years old and I have been working ever since. I feel it is important to have a job at as a teenager because it teaches you the value of money and a good work ethic at a young age. I strive to keep and good work ethic and do my best to complete the goals I set for myself. I always put my school work before my hobbies as I feel my future career is more important to me than my other pastimes.

  • I am currently enrolled and working hard in Georgia Gwinnett College. I have a very simple history when it comes to my education. I have always been a normal student who does not get into much trouble and attempts to get the best grades I could. My first school was a preschool in Lawrenceville near my house called Mill Creek Academy and I have a lot of found memories attending this school as a child. The next year after that I was enrolled in kindergarten in a school called Rock bridge and our mascot was the road runners. This school had some of the nicest people I ever met and it also has a lot of pleasant memories for me. The following years 2006 to 2011 I attended a elementary school near my house and graduate from there to my following schools. These were the years of my life where I learned some of the most basic and useful skills that I still use today. I still return to the school every time I go to vote. The middle school I attended was a unique experience since my mother worked in the same building. It was called Creekland Middle School and these were the years in which I made friends in which I am still in touch with today. The following four years for my last years of free school I attended Collins Hill High School and these were the typical high school years and experiences. These were the years I feel I changed the most and were also the ones I studied the least. This leads me to my current enrollment and attendance with GGC.

Future Plans

I hope to one day to get my degree in Digital Media. I currently have a major in Itec and I am working towards the goal of getting my Bachelors. This is my first year at Georgia Gwinnett College and I and I am working hard to get a degree in four years and hopefully sooner. My main goal for the future upcoming years of my life is to get a stable job so I can Support myself and be independent. It is difficult to completely plan out your future however and anything can happen. This being said I am working hard and praying for the best for my future.


  • Running

When I began to get a little older I noticed some weight gain and this persuaded me to take up an exercise hobbies. I began to take up running and I still to this day I very much enjoy it. When I started I was not very good and struggled a lot but as I continued to work at it I improved and I am still always trying to better myself today.

  • Movies

I took an interest in movies at a very young age and one of my favorite activities as a child would be to go to the movies with my dad. Some of my favorite movies include Slumdog Millionaire, Shrek 2, and Avengers. I remember watching my dads old VHS tapes as early as four years old and ever since then I can sit down and appreciate a good movie.

  • Soccer

My favorite sport has always Been soccer. This may come as no surprise as it is the most popular sport in the world. My favorite team internationally is Spain and some of my Favorite clubs are Barcelona, Manchester United, and PSG. My favorite players include Wayne Rooney, Andres Iniesta, Neymar, and Lionel Messi.

  • Video Games

I got my first console as a gift when i was four years old, Nintendo GameCube, and it is still my favorite console to this day. I like to keep up an occasionally play the newly released games to this day although as I get older I find myself having less time for video games. My favorite games include Fifa series, Injustice, and Rocket League.


I would love to visit Hawaii one day. Click Here


Like most everyone alive I love to eat and here is a page on my favorite food. Click Here


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