Patricia Delgado: Hemiptera

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Specimen #: 35

Order: Hemiptera

Family: Cercopidae

Date of Collection: August, 2018

Location: 34.0570° N, 84.0518° W

Rank Abundance: 3

Shannon- Weiner Biodiversity Index (H')= 3.357381651

Distinguishing Morphological Features:

-Adults are black with two lines crossing the wings, ranging from red to orange in color

-suck juices from plants with their piercing-sucking mouthparts

-Most adults have two distinct red or orange lines with a narrow band across the thorax

Ecological and Economic / Public Importance:

-adults produce an unpleasant smelling chemical as a defense

-larva spend the winter in the egg stage. The eggs are found in hollow stems, under leaf sheaths, and at the base of the plants in moist litter and debris

-cause the most damage to grass when there is a thick thatch buildup

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