Paul Hebert: Coleoptera

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Taxonomic Identification

  • Order: Coleoptera

Location of Collection

  • (33°59’03.87’’ N 84°00’20.37’’ W)

Shannon-Wiener H' Value

  • 1.388

Date of Collection

  • September 5-7, 2017

Distinguishing Morphological Features

  • Forewing hardened, nearly always meeting in straight line down middorsal line of the back
  • Elytra covers, hindwings, and abdomen.
  • Chewing mouth parts
  • Usually three to five segmented

Ecological/Public Health Importance

  • Feed on many plants and animal materials
  • Occur on vegetation, under bark, stones, and other objects
  • Some are aquatic
  • Some are parasitic
  • Act as scavengers
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