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Podcasts and Webcasts--Amani Sams


Type of digital media consisting of an episodic series of files.


  • audio
  • video


  • The term comes from combing ipod and broadcast.
  • An easy way to understand it is audio on demand.
  • You can download them on your devices that stream videos.
  • You can set up your ipod to check for updates of podcaasts.
  • Podcasts are only updated when the author has time.

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Media presention distributed over the internet


  • MTV
  • CNN


  • The largest webcasters include radio and TV stations.
  • A webcast uses streaming data transfer so the file can

be seen and heard with little or no interuption.

  • You only need a computer to view or listen to a webcast.
  • Webcasts are often broadcasted live.
  • Netcast is another name used for webcast.
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