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My destination page

Hi, My name is Diana.

I am passionate about airplanes and traveling to new places

The beach is my favorite place to visit.

The ocean is a wonderful element that reminds me of how beautiful my life is.

Things to do at the beach

  • Enjoy a sunrise/ sunset
    Amazing nature
  • Dance along with the wave's melody
  • Read a book
  • Review personal and professional goals
  • Look for seashells
  • Build a sand castle

Beautiful Beaches

  • Hawaii's beautiful beaches
  • St Lucia's pink sand.

Things to do in Clearwater, Florida

Colorful Nature
  • Take your adventure to the next level and witness the beauty of colorful corals and reefs Scuba diving
  • Eat by the beach
  • Watch a sunset
  • Enjoy a morning exercise routine by the ocean

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