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About Me

My name is Kevin Proctor. I was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. Towards my high school years I was moved around the place. I been to 4 different high schools. 2 of them being in Mississippi , 1 in Florida and my senior year in Georgia. I graduated from Dacula High School and originally I was going to return back to Mississippi and attend Jackson State University.


I am a film major and the reason for this is because I love the way a film director mind works. They take on a different prospective that most would never think about unless they share that information with you.


  1. I grew up with music around me all my life so I will always have a love or soft spot for it.
  2. I think basketball is the greatest sport to ever be created ( The Chicago Bulls are my favorite team )
  3. I also like movies and nature.

My favorite team out of the Nba The Mighty Mississippi River

Travel Page

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