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Project 2, Animation (Publishing 1 GIF Image):

This is a template animated character. (Replace the template GIF animation image below with your own animated GIF image file.)

My Character

This is the animated GIF of my project:
If you option click the image you can download it.

Triforce finished.gif

Project 2, Bitmap ( Publishing 6 Bitmap Images):

The following are six template bitmap images that demonstrate blur background, black and white background, motion blur, border effect and digital signature. (Replace those images below with your own chosen and retouched six bitmap images file.)

Zelda pic master.png
      Here is the original image
     Zelda blur.png
Here the background is blurred
     Zelda black and white.png
Here the background is made black and white
Zelda motion blur.png
     Here the motion effect looks like it is moving
     Zelda boarder.png
I've added a black border
     Zelda siggy.png
I've added a digital signature

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