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Put the title of your stop motion HERE

Here I have a ITEC digital media stop motion video. This video took a total of three hours to create because i decided to type unique psychology related words that are colorized and individually cut in the video. The words varied from psychology to cognitive behavior. I started ff with 400 words but somehow only ended up using at total of 320. The video still came out amazing due to the fact that I used creative ideas to introduce the words.

Put your script here if you have one, for example here's: The rough script from Sintel
If you did a storyboard, put your storyboard here, for example here are some storyboard windows from Sintel

Select 6 stills from your video and put them here; Pick ones that tell the story you want to tell
1366x768 666x375 666x375 400x225 666x375 400x225

Capture a still from the video and use that as an image to show the representative size of your video. Post the video and the statistics below.

Frame Size |

File size |

Snapshot from Video |

The download

X x X

122 KB


To download:
Option-Click here

The music I used in this video: Jimin_Promise

Now for the technical stuff:
Time markers:
My voice-over starts at time: X:XX
1st transition begins at time: 0:02
2nd transition begins at time: X:XX
Title sequence begins at time: 0:00
Credit sequence begins at time: X:XX
1st still image is at time: 0:03
2nd still image is at time: 0:17

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