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Background (a.k.a. a Failed Attempt At Explaining the Complexity That Is Emma In Just One Paragraph)

Emma Przybysz is a freshman at Georgia Gwinnett College. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Emma has lived in Lawrenceville for her entire life,
A depiction of Emma's spirit animal, as she is both incredibly slow and particularly fond of strawberries.
but tells out-of-towners that she lives in Atlanta because it sounds cooler. She has two pets: a dog who is an angel too pure for this world, and a cat who might kill her in her sleep someday. Although she is pretty good at talking and does it far too much, Emma graduated as her high school's valedictorian and thought she was going to die when she had to make a speech at her graduation. The author of this page can confirm that she made it through somehow and is still alive. She can also, however, readily assert that Emma is not particularly fond of making speeches. In her extremely limited free time, Emma enjoys picking up her bass guitar and pretending that she's good at playing it. If you ever bring up the movie Titanic around Emma, it will most likely result in a heated discussion about how there was more than ample room for Jack on that door in the end; thus, his death was completely unnecessary. Other things that bother Emma include: the fact that George Clooney played Batman, how ice is the most practical way to keep drinks cold but it dilutes your drink so that is undrinkable no matter the temperature, and that thing that highlighters do when you're highlighting freshly printed black ink. Contrary to what now may be popular belief, Emma is not salty about everything. She enjoys reading, listening to music, and making fun of herself mercilessly. But that Titanic thing...? Yeah, she's never gonna reduce the sodium when it comes to that.

Hobbies (Quite Possibly Better Defined as "Things Emma Does Way Too Often")

  • Impersonating Maya Rudolph impersonating Beyonce on SNL
  • Eating food as long as somebody else makes it
  • Breaking out into off-key renditions of Prince's "I Would Die 4 U" at any given moment
  • Taking a few sips of black coffee to feel like a classy sophisticate before she wimps out and has to add cream and sugar

Favorite Links (Websites That Emma Would Visit More If She Didn't Have To Be On D2L and Clawmail So Much)

  1. Netflix (gotta procrastinate somehow, amiright?)
  2. Thesaurus (for when you just can't seem to find the right words...)
  3. Google (because Emma is clueless about many things and enjoys being enlightened)
  4. Rotten Tomatoes (because Emma refuses to watch a movie without first verifying that she will not have to spend two hours cringing due to a poor excuse for a plot)
  5. Spotify (because Emma likes to walk around with her earbuds in so that she can avoid having to talk to people)

Favorite Books

  • The complete Anne of Green Gables series by L.M. Montgomery
  • The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster
  • Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

Favorite T.V. Shows

  • The Office
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Friends

Favorite Photo

A photo of Russian Sage that Emma took in Nebraska. She doesn't think that the sun will ever cooperate for her like this again. She also wishes that uploading to Wikipedia wouldn't have marred the resolution of her photo like this.

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