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About me

I am born and raised in the US, but my family is from Pakistan. [1]



I'm going for a BS in Economics. Econ might not be the most glamorous major to aim for but I am a firm believer that being able to project markets will be a benefit for financial stability.


I love to play with a deck of cards. Cards have so much versatility as a medium for playing games; since, you can either play a game of skill, luck, or reading.

I also have this odd love hate relationship with politics. I enjoy following everything that is going on from local to national, but I despise the inefficiency of how many politicians act. Either way I'm too invested to look away from politics.


I have traveled all over the USA from East coast to California. One place that I want to visit on a future trip would definitely be Yellow Stone National Park.

My travels have also taken me to Pakistan where I went to visit family. My Urdu(the national language of Pakistan) is unfortunately not very strong verbally; however, I can understand what is being told to me but I end up unable to find the words I need when I try to talk. The location itself isn't the most well maintained compared to American standards. There might be no proper sewage system, no guarantee of running water, or electricity but it a simpler lifestyle. The locals are kind, the food is amazing, and outside the city there are some beautiful scenery.


Pakistani and Indian food are very similar and are my favorite type of food. One dish that I cannot stop eating when I find it is Haleem, to those that have never had it is something akin to a meat and wheat/lentil porridge. It is full of very flavorful spices and is the type of food that you would want during the winter.

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