Raydastepha Dimanche: Lepidoptera

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Location of collection: 33°58'50 N, 84°00'20 W

Date of collection: 09/05-07/2017

Shannon-Wiener Index of Biodiversity: H' = 3.85327

Rank abundance:3

Collectors: Kaylyn Flores, Rhea Bowen-Smith, Raydastepha Dimanche, Amy Figueroa

▪Wings: 4 membranous wings

▪Mouth: sucking, coiled tube

▪Antennae: 10-segmented

▪Tarsi: 2-segmented

Ecological importance: Their larvae of many species are serious pests of cultivated plants; a few are pests of stored food (grain, flour, and meal), and a few are pests of fabrics.

Economic importance

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