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Book Worm Food!

The Lightning Thief Series

By Jack Riordan

The Lightning Thief series is a series that got me very interested in a couple of things, primarily travelling, ancient history, and reading. The series is about a child who is the son of Poseidon and must fulfill a role in a premonition foretold by a decedent of the seer of Delphi. The series starts out when the Son of Poseidon is framed for stealing one of Zeus's mighty lightning bolt, so he's deemed the "lightning thief"

Saving Grace

By Priscilla Cummings

This book was something I read when I was younger, and I absolutely hated it at first. As the story went on, I really got into it; this book was the first book I ever got really attached to a main character in a story and cried like baby. Its a very heart warming story about a girl who grew up during the great depression and has to be put up for adoption against her will. It taught me a lot about valuing family.

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