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About me

Hi! My name is David Renard and I am a army Veteran. during my time of service I was able to travel the world and see it first hand. During my contract I was able to travel to Germany, Kuwait, Ireland, and also Afghanistan. I am originally from New York but moved to Georgia when I was 13. I just moved back to Georgia after being stationed in Louisiana for a little longer then three years. Before that I was living in Oklahoma for almost a year. My job in the military was pretty similar to air traffic control. At the age 21 I had the opportunity to run my own flight line which can be a very stressful job where a lot of things can go wrong. I also had the opportunity to deploy and train with special forces which allowed me to attain ample of knowledge. I also have 4 sister with me being the only boy in the family. Currently my youngest sister is in high school attending Brookwood Highschool

Afghanistan Combat Team


I am an I.T major concentrating in digital media. I have always had a passion for computers and being able to create things from scratch.

information technology

Future Plans

Some of my future plans after I graduate is to be able to do some freelance work with my degree. To able to work from home would give me flexibility when it comes having more then one job. I would to work corporate as well. Eventually I plan on opening my own business after I gain the experience and knowledge from my degree work to backup my business venture financially.


Some of my interest consist of any physical activities like:

  • Playing Sports,
  • Rocking climbing or being out doors or adventures.
  • I also enjoy Zip-lining and sky diving.
  • I am a little bit of an adrenaline junkie so even a good roller coaster would make me excited.
  • I also enjoy playing video games on my spare time when I am not too busy.
  • On a normal day you would probably catch me watching anything that has to do anything with sports.
  • My favorite sport is Football. I played football all my life until I graduated high school even getting the chance to win state championship title where few schools never had a chance.

Travel Page

I would love to be able to travel to Australia to be able to experience the outback, that would be amazing. I have always been interested in different types of animal that you would not normally see in america.Growing up I use to watch Dave the Crocodile hunter and the way he was able to interact with animals without the sense of fear in the great outback was pretty cool. travel page

Favorite Dish

My favorite Dish I always enjoy no matter how many times I have devour it is Alfredo.My Favorite Dish


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