Rhea Bowen- Smith: Coleoptera

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Location of collection:

  • (33°58′58.43″ N, 84°00′21.33″ W)

Date of collection:

  • 09/05/2017 through 09/07/2017

Collection Method:

  • Malaise trap


  • Coleoptera


  • Coccinellidae

Common Name:

  • Ladybird aka "Ladybug"


  • 1.388352

Distinguishing morphological features of Family:

  • Most ladybugs have oval, dome-shaped bodies with six short legs.
  • Can have spots, stripes, or no markings at all depending on the species.
  • As well as the usual yellow and deep red, there are coccinellidae species that are mostly, or entirely, black, dark grey, gray, or brown in color.
  • Black head with white patches on both sides.

Ecological and Economic/ Public Health Importance

  • Pest control for gardens, crops, and even forests.
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