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Academic Enhancement Center (AEC)

Tutoring for english and basic math is available at all times. Tutoring for other subjects, such as Digital Media, is also available. Follow this link to find details and hours.

Programming Study Groups

The IT faculty at GGC who teach programming volunteer to staff a tutoring lab Monday through Friday from 1-6p (only until 5p on some days -- please check the schedule.) A detailed schedule with staff details can be found here: http://wiki.ggc.edu/wiki/ITEC_Tutoring#Spring_2013_Programming_Study_Groups.

My Hours

I will be regularly tutor in B2450 on:

  • Tuesday 5-6p (Not available Feb 19)
  • Thursdays 4:45p - 6p.

Digital media students, as well as intermediate programming students, are welcome to meet with me then. If you are a DM student, realize that the volunteers in the Programming Study Group lab, other than myself, may not be able to help you with digital media questions. Please visit the Programming Study Groups lab only when I'm there, otherwise, follow the instructions above to locate DM faculty at the AEC.

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