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I am a freshman in college at Geogia Gwinnett College. I am a proud HufflePuff and obsessed with Harry Potter. I also enjoy Disney and musicals such as Wicked or Les Miserables. Proud HufflePuff.jpg


Favorite Website



Chloe Cotton


Robyn, Chloe, Truc, Cecilia

Hexadecimal and Binary

526F62796E204C75636173 0101001001101111011000100111100101101110001000000100110001110101011000110110000101110011

Team Website

Lucas Cotton Wiki Test


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Gamifying the Search for Strategic Surprise

DARPA is creating a new program known as "Gamifying the Search for Strategic Surpise" as a way to connect the new discoveries with science and technology into video gaming and social media. In order to accomplish this, DARPA has brought in experts from all around the globe with differentiating specialties. The first goal that DARPA hopes to accomplish with the Gamifying the Search for Strategic Surprise group is getting the support of their newly founded group in regards to designing a new gaming platform. This platform will hopefully solve the multiple problems that DARPA has been facing while attempting to prevent technological surprises.

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