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Test Objectives

Test 2 Objectives

Group Presentation Topics

Topics Selected

Presenting, Monday April 16

  1. IT and Sports Science (p. 19-20) [Tamaria, Michael J., Quenton]
  2. Medical chips (p. 17-18) [Cyntrece, Heather, Kristen]
  3. The Digital Home (p. 12-13). Include media computer, TV tuner, and Internet-ready digital television [Austin, Jarrett, Haley]
  4. Computer hackers: who are they? why do they do it? recent examples (p. 417) [Nancy, Caroline, Kayla]

Presenting, Wednesday April 18

  1. Video game design p. 9 [Maria, Christian, Alex]
  2. Technology and modern cars (p. 14-15)[Toph, Matt, Brandon, Emy]
  3. Biometric devices (p. 429) [Brian, Amina, Sia]

Topics not selected

  • How IT is used in Retail. Include data mining (p. 6-7)
  • Mobile technology used in Business. Include MaxiCode and Bluetooth technology (p. 8)
  • IT and the Arts p. 8
  • Computer simulations in Education, Military, and/or Business (p. 9; p. 16; p. 18). Include patient simulator (p. 16)
  • IT and Law Environment (p. 11). Include computer forensics
  • IT and Psychology (p. 21). Include affective computing
  • Using Bots for good and evil. Include CAPTCHA (p. 413)
  • Protecting yourself on social networking sites (start on p. 435)
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