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Techies in ITEC1001-69

Collaboration Assignment

This assignment contributes to the following two course goals:

  1. Understand the evolution of computing and women's role in it.
  2. Understand the role of computing tools in supporting collaborative projects.


Since this is women's history month, we will learn about women's contributions to computing. Research the web to find information about women who made significant contributions to computing. Pick one and describe the contribution. Clearly explain who this person was, give a brief background about them, their contribution to the computing world and most importantly, when that contribution was made. Include an image of this contributor, making sure that you credit the website(s) from where you obtained all your information and images. Make sure that you select a a contribution that is significant and has not already been mentioned by someone else on the page. Ensure that you add your entry in the correct chronological order. Lastly, do not forget to add your signature to your work. Refer to instructions in D2L.


The assignment is out of 10 points. Your grade will depend on the details that you provide and if it is submitted in the correct order or not.

Due Date

This assignment is due on March 26th, 2017 at 11:59 pm. Click SP17-ITEC1001-69-Collaboration to complete your assignment

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