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Techies in ITEC1001-05

Applications of computers in different industries

Collaboration Assignment

This assignment contributes to the following two course goals:

  1. Understand the evolution of information technology and future trends.
  2. Understand the role of computing tools in supporting collaborative projects.


Research the Web to find information about milestones in computing. Choose one and describe it here (the year, what was the milestone and why is it a milestone). Use images to explain and make sure you cite your references. Make sure that you select an innovation/discovery that has not already been mentioned by someone else and you add it in chronological order. Once you have described the milestone, do not forget to add your signature to your work. Also remember to bookmark this page and read through everyone else's contribution, because this is going to be on the exam.


The assignment is out of 10 points. Your grade will depend on the explanation details that you provide. You will lose points if you do not clearly describe what the milestone is and why is it so important (how is it affecting us???). You will also lose points if your milestone is not in a chronological order.

Due Date

This assignment is due on 21st January, 2009 before class begins. Click SPR09-ITEC1001-05-Collaboration to complete your assignment

Presentation Guidelines

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