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Test Objectives

Test 1 Objectives

Test 2 Objectives

Final Exam objectives

Group Project


  • Topic should be agreed upon by all group members.
  • Use the material available in your textbook as a starting point. Each team member is expected to conduct independent research to find out more about the topic (i.e. do not just pick a topic because one person in the group knows a lot about it).
  • Day 1 - Thursday, April 14
    • How is IT used in Healthcare? (Jordan, Jim, Nick)
    • Forensics(Sharon, Stephanie, and Dazz)
    • IT career options (Radhika, Anh, Tiffany)
    • How is IT used in Business? (Leanna, Ingrid,)
  • Day 2 Tuesday, April 19
    • How is IT used in Education? (Nate, Jeremias, Kate)
    • How is IT used in Music Industry? (Skylar, Jennifer, David)
    • How is IT used in Sports? (Justin, Michael, Stewart)
    • Green computing (Margaret, Dwan, Daisy)
  • You can select a topic outside of this list with approval from the instructor
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