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Hello Everybody!

Welcome to the Wiki page for ITEC 1001, Section 30, Spring 2011. Here, you'll find a lot of useful information in this course, including student profiles, quiz and exam study guides and project information. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thanks, Joshua


Class Calendar

GGC Academic Calendar

Class Calendar

Class Websites

Student Profiles

Abhra, Saron

Arquette, Gabriela

Cedeno, Francis

Deans, Keara

Duncker, Krysta

Fillingim, Christopher

French, Janae

Jewell, Ruth

Jimenez, Diana

Langston, Candace

Marvie, Marwen

Matin, Wakif

Mohammed, Abdulrasheed

Nguyen, Noc

Page, Britney

Paradas, Mayra

Pop-Ceapa, Stella

Rawlins, Josh

Riley, Monteriaz

Siu, Tan

Slocumb, Frederick

Terry, Linda

Thompson, Patrick

Valias-Jean, Jordan

Veal, Britney

Study Guides

Quiz 1 Study Guide

Quiz 2 Study Guide

Quiz 3 Study Guide (CANCELLED)

Final Exam Study Guide

Project Information

PowerPoint Project


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