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The Audacity Project

Overview: You will make six audio files using two different software packages (Audacity and Quicktime) and post them to the Wiki.

Topics: Chapter 2, Audacity, GGC Wiki

Due: Sunday, February 20, 2011

Part I: Make Your First Two Files

1. If you want to work on your own computer, download Audacity 1.3.12 from the Audacity website.

2. Find an .mp3 music file (I suggest choosing one without dialogue). This can be a file that you rip from a CD, one that already exists in your audio library or one that you create yourself. You can also download a ton of .mp3 files of public domain music online using Google.

3. Import your .mp3 file into Audacity and make sure that it's stereo (i.e. you should see two identical waveform tracks, one right above the other).

4. Edit the track to be 60 seconds in length.

5. Record some dialogue along with the audio track. You can sing, read poetry in time to the music, offer commentary or say anything else you wish.

6. Make the music fade in (over 15 seconds) at the beginning and fade out (over 15 seconds) at the end. During the fade in, make your voice come from the left audio channel. During the fade out, make your voice come from the right audio channel. For the 30 seconds remaining in the middle, make your voice come from the center (i.e. from both channels).

7. Export your audio file as a 16-bit, 44100 kHz .wav file. (These are the specs for standard CD-quality sampling.)

8. Export your audio file again with the same specs but as a .au file.

Part II: Make Your Additional Four Files

One way to reduce audio file sizes is to lower the sampling rates (kHz) and quantization levels (bits). This improves download time but degrades audio quality. Using Audacity, produce four more versions of your .wav file from Part I with the following specifications:

1. 16-bit, 22050 kHz

2. 16-bit, 8000 kHz

3. 8-bit, 22050 kHz

4. 8-bit, 8000 kHz

Part III: Post Your Audio Files to the Wiki

1. Upload all of your audio files to the Wiki using the "Upload file" page.

2. Edit your Student Profile page to include a link to your Project 1 page. Give this page the name SPR11_LastnameFirstname_2110_Pjt1 (ex. SPR11_CuneoJoshua_2110_Pjt1).

3. Copy and paste the following template on your Project 1 page: Project 1 Template.

4. Edit the template to include the necessary information about your audio files.

Additional Tips and Resources

  • We will walk through the project steps in more detail in class, but you can also watch Jim Rowan's podcast of this same project. (Note that he flips back and forth between Audacity 1.2.6 and 1.3.12, whereas I'll be sticking with the latter version exclusively.)
  • Double-check all of your audio files using QuickTime. Open each audio file in QuickTime, open the Movie Inspector and check that the sampling rate and quantization levels are where they should be. You can also use this feature to determine the audio file size when you fill out the Wiki template.

More Information on Audacity:

Audacity User's Manual

Audacity Wiki

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