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The iMovie Project

Overview: You will make a three-minute film and share it with the class.

Topics: Chapter 6, GGC Wiki

Due: Wednesday, April 27, 2011, 11:59 pm

Project Sign-Up Page: Project 4 Sign-Up

Project Template: Project 4 Template

Important Notes

1. Please read all instructions thoroughly and carefully before calling on the instructor for help. Please remember that your neighbors, the iMovie help menus and the internet are also all resources that you can consult.

2. Start early start early start early. Editing a film takes a lot more time than you think, and there may be technical complications. I recommend one week for filming and two for importing and editing.

3. There is no instructor's submission for this project. Please look at projects from previous semesters if you need an idea of how your wiki template and/or video should look.

4. There are no project-specific video tutorials for iMovie. I will go over the software in class on April 7th, but to reiterate point #2, please start early to give yourself time to get familiar with the software.

5. You may NOT use existing video footage from third-party sources. All video footage must be your own.

6. Unlike previous projects, iMovie is proprietary software and is only available for Mac computers. You are welcome to use another video editor of your choice (Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, etc.), but the instructor can only provide assistance for iMovie.

Before You Begin

1. Edit your Student Profile page to include a link to your Project 4 page. Give this page the name SPR11_LastnameFirstname_2110_Pjt4 (ex. SPR11_CuneoJoshua_2110_Pjt4).

2. Copy and paste the following template on your Project 4 page: Project 4 Template.

Part I: Pre-Production/Production

Working individually or in groups of up to three people, plan and film a three-minute video. This video can be of anything of interest to you so long as it is not obscene, graphic or controversial. You are not required to appear in your video, but any assistance you receive from anybody other than the instructor should be listed in your end credits.

Sign up your group and your video topic here: Project 4 Sign-Up.

Video cameras are available for checkout at the technology desk on the first floor of the B building (right outside our classroom!). You may also use any other filmmaking equipment you wish, including personal video cameras, cell phone cameras and even webcams. However, students not using GGC equipment will not be able to receive help from the instructor on importing video into iMovie.

Part II: Post-Production

For this part of the project, each student in your group will make his or her own edit of your film in iMovie.

1. Import your video footage from Part I into iMovie. I suggest one person do the import and then give copies to all other members in your group.

2. Use iMovie to edit your video. You are free to be as creative as you wish with your editing, but your video must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • The video is at least 3 minutes and no more than 3.5 minutes in length.
  • There is about 5 seconds of black silence at the beginning and end of the video.
  • There is a title sequence with either a voice-over or music in the background.
  • The video is composed of at least three different scenes.
  • There are at least two transitions between scenes other than the standard cut (such as fade-in/fade-out, cross-fade, etc.).
  • The video includes at least two still images.
  • At least 30 seconds of the video contains background music or a voice-over (not including the title sequence).
  • There are ending credits right before the 5 seconds of black. These credits should include the names of all of your group members and anybody else who helped you with this assignment (other than the instructor).

3. Create a QuickTime export of your video with a resolution width between 200 and 300 px.

4. Create another QuickTime export of your video with a resolution of at least 400 px.

5. Create six stills that are representative of your video.

6. Upload both videos and all six stills to the wiki and update the Project 4 template.

Part III: Share Your Video

All students will share their videos in class on Thursday, April 28.

Additional Tips and Resources

iMovie HD FAQs

Q: How do I remove the Ken Burns effect on still images?

A: With the still image clip selected on your timeline, go to Media -> Photos -> Show Photo Settings and uncheck "Ken Burns Effect."

iMovie Alternatives

Below are a few alternative video editors to iMovie. These are the most popular, but you can Google for many other video editors both free and paid:

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