Saba Zaman: Collembola

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Specimen #: 1

Order: Collembola

Family: Entomobryidae

Date of Collection: September, 28 2017

Location: 33°58'54.79" N, 84°00'23.22" W

Rank Abundance: 1

Shannon-Weiner Biodiversity Index: (H') = 1.555589101

Distinguishing Morphological Features:

 -Slender body with 6 segments
 -Furcula, or forked tail-like appendage

 -Antennae with four segments

Ecological and Economic/Public Importance:

 -Remove harmful bacteria and fungi around the roots of plants

 -Move beneficial bacteria and fungi towards the plant

 -Increase the rate of decay and deposit nutrients back into the soil through their feces


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