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My name is Ayla and I was born in 2000; in Detroit, Michigan. I moved to Georgia 9 years ago. I am currently a Move on When Ready student, so I was able to attend college at the age of 16. It will be my second year at GGC in the fall. I enjoy learning new languages. I am able to speak four languages and am currently learning a fifth one. I enjoy volunteering and helping others. I aspire to choose a career that will make a difference in peoples lives.
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My favorite hobbies include reading and drawing. I enjoy reading literary classics and books based on historical events. I also enjoy poetry.
I study new languages and plan on learning six Romance languages.
I enjoy hiking, camping, SUP boarding, and other outdoor activities. I enjoy exploring and going on adventures. I'm open to trying many different activities.
I have two German Shepherds; Daisy and Dawn. Both were adopted from a humane society 2 years ago and have since gone on many adventures with me.

Future Plans

I hope to become the first person in my family to graduate from college. I plan on majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I also plan on continuing my education and attending medical school. I hope to explore the world and learn about various cultures and enjoy life.


My classmates are

My professor is Dr. Tacksoo Im.

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