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My dream travel location would be anywhere with white sandy beaches and clear, light blue water. I would love to stay in a little hut right above the water with the glass floor in places so that you can see what is going on in the water below.


However on a more realistic note I am always happy to take a quick weekend trip to the mountains or a week away at the beach in Florida. I have been going to Panama City and Daytona Beach since I was born and they are still my favorites to this day. My favorite thing to do at the beach is to just lay on the beach in the sun and listen to the waves. I could spend all day everyday of my entire vacation left alone on the beach and I would be perfectly fine with it. Another thing that I look forward to about being at the beach is the food. You will experience some of the best seafood and the coolest atmospheres while in Panama. Some of my favorites are Schooners, Pineapple Willy's (of course) & Sharky's.

If you are not a person that likes to be around a huge crowd at the beach and you like a more laid back atmosphere, I would recommend visiting Cape San Blas, Florida. Here there are no high rise hotels like you find in PCB and Daytona. Instead, its all houses and campgrounds. As far as the beach goes, there are not a lot of people so you are most likely going to have your own space where you wont be bothered by other people. The Cape is mostly residents that live there year round so they do not spend too much time on the beach. If you decide while you are on the Cape that you want to visit a more touristy spot you are not far from Mexico Beach and Apalachicola. The only negative that I can think of about visiting the Cape is that the nearest grocery store is about 35 minutes from where I am used to staying. The Cape was hit very hard from Hurricane Michael and I have not been back since. I do know that the state park located at the end of the cape is now an island rather than being connected. The road the runs the cape was also washed away but I am sure that they are rebuilding now. If you do decide to visit Cape San Blas, I recommend visiting a little ice cream store named Cone Heads. It is a locally owned company and has been around for a long time.

This is the road that runs the whole length of the Cape
Dream Vacation to Fiji
Day 1Sabeto Hot Springs
Day 2Malamala Beach Club
Day 3Mountain Ecotrax
Day 4 Snorkel with sharks
Day 5 Tavoro Waterfall tour
Day 6 Visit Sand Dunes
Day 7Rest on beach before heading home

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