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Project 3 Part 1

Image 1 description

Skye 1.jpg

Project 3 Part 2

Image 2 description

Skye 2.jpg

Image 3 description

Skye 3.jpg

Image 4 description

Skye 4.jpg

Project 3 Part 3

This is my Blender-created animation.
You will see a bunch of stuff
[describe in detail here everything that the requirements (those things with the - mark in the project 3 part 3 description) mention]
In this five second video clip, I have five different moving objects. One pink sphere that changes size. One red cylinder that rotates. One green cube that rotates. One blue cone that slides with the cylinder. One green sphere that also slides with the cone and the cylinder. I uploaded a picture of a jellyfish in the plane as my background. And i also have a spot light that rotate with the sphere, cylinder, and cone.

This is the smaller (200 by 150) animation


Click to download this smaller version

This is the larger (400 by 300) animation


Click to download this larger version

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