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 Clovis and Bella are both lovable dogs that will do anything to make sure they are making my family and I happy. My family has always been a dog loving family and always will.  
===About Clovis===
 I was six years old when we first got Clovis, he had just turned nine months at this point and now he is thirteen years old and still acts like he is that little puppy inside. Clovis is a part pitbull and pointer mix. Many people when hear the term "pitbull" they assume that he is the meanest dog in the world, but in reality he is the most lovable dog out there. Clovis weighs about sixty- five pounds, he is mainly white with a lot of brown spots all over his body, including two extremely big brown spots on his hips. When I laid my eyes on him I feel in love with him immediately because of all his coloring and plus I knew that he would belong in the family perfectly.
====About Bella====
 What turned into getting locked out of your home and then making an important decision to bringing a new life into the house was a moment that happened out of the blue. I remember walking into the house thinking that I was going to get into so much trouble for something I knew nothing about. The feeling of being nervous turned into pure excitement. Seeing a new member of the Poplin family before my eyes, made the happiest little girl in the whole entire world. Bella is a pure mutt! Before my parents brought her home she was severely abused. She was beaten, starved to death to the point where you could see her ribs clear as day. Seeing Bella in the condition we brought her home in broke my heart. Why would anyone do something the awful to a loving animal that only wants to be loved and cared for? Nine years later, Bella is a new dog. Her whole appearance changed, her weight is where it needs to be, and she is learning to trust more people that she comes in contact with.
=====The Poplin Family=====
 We may not be like other families and that is perfectly fine with me. My family is like no other! The Poplin family has six family members: my mom, dad, brother, myself, Clovis, and Bella. We love each other individually and we accept the fact that we all of have our flaws, but that is what makes a family the love that we have for one another. Without family, we would have nothing. Family is everything no matter what happens!
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