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Me, my Mom, and Grandmother


  • I am a young woman from Costa Rica. My favorite animals are dogs, and I also like cats. However, I do not currently own any pets, other than a turtle about two years old.
  • My father is from Bahia Ballena. Ballena mean whale, and they call it that because a there is a place at the beach where the shores meet and make a whale like tail formation.
Bahia, Costa Rica (whales tail)

Hobbies and Interests

I am interested in things like:

Education History

I went to three different elementary schools

  • Freeman's Mill Elementary (K-3)
  • Tate Elementary (3-4)
  • Escuela de Quebradas (In Costa Rica) (5)

I also went to two different middle schools.

  • La Flor de Bahia (Also in Costa Rica) (6)
  • Creekland Middle School (7-8)

For High School I technically went to three different schools.

  • Collins Hill High School (9-10)
  • Buford High School (11-12)
  • GGC (12) This was because I did full time dual-enrollment as a senior in high school.

Dreams and Hopes for the Future

  • I plan on going to Medical school after graduating with a bachelors and masters degree in Neuroscience.
  • After Medical school i hope to have a career in medicine, as of right now I am not sure what or where exactly.
  • If all goes well, I would like to have found the person I would like to spend the rest of my life with. However I do not feel the need to marry, but I will if those are the wishes of whomever I am with.
  • Hopefully about about 3-5 years into my career I would like to have children. If God allows I would want to have up to 4 children.
  • I do hope for one day to be a great well-known author. I like to think that i am very creative, so maybe ill write about science fiction.


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