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About me

My crazy family

Salutations! My name is Dakota and I just moved here to Georgia last year from Arizona. I am a commuter student. Currently I am still learning to navigate the "I-85", and the traffic I encounter here on a daily basis is absolutely horrendous. Previously before Arizona I grew up in a small town just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. One could say I am a "small town girl" at times as I am genuinely uncomfortable with how densely populated the Atlanta area is, so often when we have extended weekends at school I drive nine hours to Missouri to see my best friends. I'm still working on my new social life here in ATL, but it's a work in progress at the moment. I love traveling so the drive while it may be long to some, is quite peaceful to me. I do not currently work right now, as I am a full time student. Thankfully my parents support me in my efforts to maintain the best I can manage in school full time. Although I do actually wish I did have work, as I get really bored and I believe that it would help facilitate a social life. Being an only child, while having its benefits; can get quite lonely sometimes. It's not like I can call my only friends nine hours away to come get some dinner or lunch with me! However, since moving to Georgia I am glad to be coming to GGC. While it's a totally different from the community colleges I'm used to seeing and experiencing, there is very much a type of collegiate culture here that I am still exploring and trying to understand. Everyone I have met or interacted with here on campus is so friendly and welcoming, I often ask myself "why haven't I talked to you before?!" Everyday on campus is like a little adventure to me and I look forward to coming to school everyday Going to college has always been a life time goal of mine and I never thought I would make it here in one piece, mind still intact. That being established; I am wholeheartedly ready to pitch body, mind, and soul into my studies to achieve my destiny!

Lookin good!


Currently I am pursuing a bachelors degree in Information Technology in Cyber Security, and my end goal is to attain a masters degree and become a Systems and Network Engineer. Essentially my ideal profession would involve me hunting down the creeps of the internet that partake in illegal activities such as, but not limited to: human trafficking, selling drugs on the deep and dark web, bringing down cyber predators, and so much more! Cyber Security is something that has always piqued my interest as I always found it comical how someone from miles away could partake in mischief. The movie Live Free or Die Hard inspired me to become a tech savvy hacker, in a nutshell the movie is about a hacker saving the day from Black Hats conducting what the movie calls a Fire Sale. I did not initially come to the conclusion that Cyber Security was my vocation because this path is very long and arduous. I began college studying Business and then changed to Liberal Arts to become a history teacher, although luckily one day It just came to me while watching an online stream. I do not believe anymore that my Cyber Security path is as difficult as I made it out to be, as perspective is only a matter of perception despite hindsight being 20/20. With today's world essentially relying on technology, I want to act as a guardian protecting that technology from any wrong doers. Each piece of technology is a cog apart of something much bigger, and like all machines; it does not take a genius to break it by accident, or intentionally.

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What Does My Future Have In Store?

After I graduate school, the immediate plan is to find work as quickly as possible. I want to move out of my parents' house and start living on my own, and naturally I may even try and fit in some time to travel to the places I've always wanted to see. There are so many places in Europe I've never been, and I'm hopeful that I'll strike gold and maybe meet the love of my life abroad! I want to build an empire for myself so that I can pay it forward to my parents who have done nothing but supported me in all my hardships and provided me with excellent tools to pursue my dreams and passions. Of course these things take time to build, I have to remember that. I've thought about moving away and trying to start life in a new country, or even try living in a region here in the states I've never lived like the north east around Washington state or Oregon. I don't particularly have my eyes set on a place to settle down in, as there is so much out there I've yet to explore and experience. I don't know how I'd be able to settle down in a place that is monotonous and boring. With certainty I can say that I will travel and go exploring for a while as I work after college.


I find engaging with the world around me to often times be quite exhausting. However, some of my favorite hobbies include


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