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Social Networking

Created by Carleah Mixon

  • Social Networking- A means by which people use the Internet to communicate and share info among their immediate friend, and meet and connect with others through common interests, experiences, and friends.
  • Facebook and Myspace provide ways for members to communicate with their friends by voice, chat, instant messsage, and video conference.
  • First acccepted among the younger, unprofessional population, but now adults create their own social networking profiles on Facebook and Myspace.
  • Netwroking has been helpful in the business community for the purpose of finding and filling out job positions as well as finding clients.
  • Users must be cautious about the type of content they post on these sites because the information can be misued by a stalker or identity thief.
  • Online images may become public property and subject to reproduction.


  • Facebook
  • Myspace
  • Skype
  • Twitter

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