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"Arches 2.jpg" to AbuiFall2015ITEC4130charagenstories
AbuiFall2016ITEC4110CourseRelatedLabNotebook to AlanProjects
AlanSpring2014P5P1 to Araglin-activity3
Araglin-activity4 to Bad (and Good) Mapping examples
Bad Company vs Good Company.mp4 to Bolivera-Lab 4
Bolivera-Lab 5 to Carroll - keywords 7
Cars *HONDA* to Chapter 3 activity 1
Chapter 3 activity 2 to Cobiamalu:ITEC4550:Section01:Summer2018:Assignment6
Cobiamalu:ITEC4550:Section01:Summer2018:Project to Daniel Arnstein
Daniel Beaton to DneeseFall2015ITEC4130 Interface Fails/Win!
DneeseFall2015ITEC4130 MappingFailWin! to Elease dillard SP 2014 Image project
Election Promo to FALL2012 BIOL IT Project:Group12
FALL2012 BIOL IT Project:Group13 to GGC1000 Faculty Meetings
GGC1D ITECTC211051 P2 to Griggs, Thomas S.
Grimaldo, Joshua D. to Hun E. Bee
Hung Nguyen to ITEC2110:Fall2009:Section03:Shaun Adair:Podcast Project
ITEC2110:Fall2009:Section03:Shaun Adair:Vector Project to ITEC2110:Fall2016:Section091213:ClassList13
ITEC2110:Fall2016:Section10:ClassList to ITEC2110:Spring2012:Section06:CatherineDay:Project3
ITEC2110:Spring2012:Section06:CatherineDay:TestPage to ITEC2110:Summer2014:Section0110:ClassList01
ITEC2110:Summer2014:Section0110:ClassList10 to ITEC2110 egomez10 Audio
ITEC2110 egomez10 Images to Image Project;
Image Project 2 to Jarner-activity5
Jarner-activity6 to JimRowan:Spring2009ITEC4110:pbarton adavis project
JimRowan:Spring2009ITEC4900 to Jreyes8:lab5:2018
Jreyes8:lab6:2018 to JwysockiSpring2015TEC2110-02Project3
Jyoung23 2110FA2017 P2 to KingOruga:ITEC4550:Section01:Fall2016:Assignment4
KingOruga:ITEC4550:Section01:Fall2016:Assignment8 to Lannon, Samuel T.
LantimieFall2011ITEC2110-01Project1 to Lvelozmovies
Lvinson1Movies to MedinaAjanovic122015InkscapeProject-0804
MedinaDaniela 2110 Pjt1 to Mono,8000Hz, 16bit: -476KB-
Mono, 44100Hz , 5.55 MB, sampling rate,32 bit to My first trip to Jamaica
My friends Ramen page to Nphan:labs
Nphan:projects to Playing video games
Playstation 1 to Rarden ITEC2110Fall2018DigitalMediaProjects
Rarden Project 1 Image to Rstyles-Activity8-12
Rstyles-Activity9-12 to Sberrong-activity2-2017-12
Sberrong-activity3-2017-12 to Siva Test Page
Sixties Press to Specimen 58 : Alvin Abraham and Sunny Gangwal
Specimen 59: Christopher Bligh 1 to StaniaValentin-ITEC2110-Fall2016-section19-Project3
StaniaValentin-ITEC2110-Fall2016-section19-Project4 to Test 1
Test 1 Review to Twilliams47-Activities-Summer17
Twilliams47-Hobbies-summer17 to Waller, Javaughn K.
Waller, Sonia F. to ZfernandAnimation
ZfernandAudio Project to “ch7 Sharai keywords”
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