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"Arches 2.jpg" to AbuiFall2015ITEC4130charagendesign
AbuiFall2015ITEC4130charagenmodel to Alampkin LAB15
Alan's Facebook Link to Araghbat-lab2
Araghbat-lab3 to Babar, Turab
Babb, Destiny ITEC2110 to Bnickers C6A4
Bnickers C6A7 to Carlie Smith VIdeo Project SP 2014
Carlo Gonzales to Chapter 3 Class Activity slong2
Chapter 3 Class Activity ssmida to CnoetzelSummer2016ITEC2110-08Project1
CnoetzelSummer2016ITEC2110-08Project2 to Damin-Activity9-28
Damin-AllActivities-28 to DmazoneFall2010ITEC2110-01Project3
DmazoneFall2010ITEC2110-01Project4 to Ejones14 2110 P1
Ejones14 C5A2 to FA18-ITEC1001-40
FA18-ITEC1001-47 to Fun with Bitmaps
Fun with Gimp Phil George to GrayKenzie 2110 Pjt1
GrayKenzie 2110 Pjt2 to Hsorrells
Hsorrells Itec2110 Section23 Project2 to ITEC2110:Fall2009:Section02:Mason Henson:Page Number 4
ITEC2110:Fall2009:Section02:Mason Henson:Page Number 5 to ITEC2110:Fall2015:ImageProject:aburges1
ITEC2110:Fall2015:ImageProject:acullarsarnold to ITEC2110:Spring2012:Hong:MovieProject
ITEC2110:Spring2012:Hong:Projects to ITEC2110:Summer2010:Projects:Project1: James Garrett
ITEC2110:Summer2010:Projects:Project1: Jason Fitzpatrick to ITEC2110 breichard Images
ITEC2110 breichard Projects to Ilenia Quintero
Ilewis1 2110FA2017 P2 to James Willis:Spelling and Grammar
James Willis:test1study to JimRowan:Fall2014:4130-01:studentSpace
JimRowan:Fall2014ITEC2110 to JpuckettSpring2012ITEC2110-22Project1
JpuckettSpring2012ITEC2110-22Project2 to Jwillis3:Vector
Jwillis3:Video to Kiana Rumph
Kiara to Ladams2Fall2016ITEC2110-01Project1
Ladams2Fall2016ITEC2110-01Project2 to Ltucker3 activity1
Ltucker3 activity10 to Mdurham2-Activity6
Mdurham2-Activity7 to Mobius Syndrome
Mocampo1 to My Favs
My First animation project to Nnoel lab15
Nnotice to PierreLouisCoeurgelita ITEC2110 Pjt3
PierreLouisCoeurgelita ITEC2110 Pjt4 to Rafael Pacas, Jasmine Cooper, Ch. 4
Rafael Pacas, Jasmine Cooper, Ch. 7 to Rroberts4 2110SP2018 S9 P2
Rroberts4 A5 to Sayetanallmyactivities 2
Sayetanlab1 to Simpson, Jasmine
Simpson, Quantavious ITEC1001 to Specimen 467: Danielle Rowe and Sunny Gangwal
Specimen 468: Danielle Rowe and Andrea Chorney to Ssmith:find and replace
Ssmith:pptDiagram to Team KEG
Team LHC to Tu Chung
Tu Chung/GrizzilyMapAssignment to VsantosFall2014ITEC4110October3
VsantosFall2014ITEC4110October31 to Zackary Jewell
Zaczek, Jackie to “ch7 Sharai keywords”
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