Specimen 153 - Chau Huynh

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Col 153.png


Location of collection:

GGC site 3

Date of collection:

September 2012

Shannon-Wiener Index of Biodiversity:


Distinguishing morphological features of Order:

  • Minute: smaller than 6mm
  • Body: elongate or oval
  • Wings: absent
  • Abdomen: 6 or few segments, with tube-like structure on center of first abdominal sternum and usually with forked structure on 4th or 5th abdominal sterna
  • Antennae: usually short 4-6 segments, found in soil or leaf litter.





After sequencing, genus and species?


Geographical Distribution:

  • the widest distribution
  • World wide

Life cycle:

Egg->Larva->Pupa->Imago (adult)

Sexual dimorphism:

  • Sexual reproduction occurs through the clustered or scattered deposition of spermatophores by male adults

What it eats:Larval/nymphal stage Adult stage

  • feeding on algae, fungi, and decaying vegetable matter.

Habitat: Larval/nymphal stage Adult stage

  • live in moist terrestrial habitats, and margins or surface of fresh water ponds and streams

Ecological Importance: Larval/nymphal stage Adult stage

  • the main biological agents for the control and dissemination of soil microorganisms.
  • primarily detritivores and microbivores
  • Collembolans are major components of terrestrial ecosystems

Economic/agricultural/human health importance: Larval/nymphal stage Adult stage

  • known as pests of some agricultural crops.
  • they are beneficial to agriculture
  • controlling plant fungal diseases
  • claims of persistent human skin infection

PCR product: gel picture?

Sequence data:

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