Specimen 179 - Nic Quintero

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Location Of Collection: GGC 2

Date of Collection: September 2012

Shannon Wiener Index of Biodiversity:

Distinguishing Morphological Features: Use similar sucking mechanism, beak, like Hemiptera. 4 Wings present. The antennae are short and bristle-like. Aphids are pear-shaped with 2 posterior tubes, cornicles.





Geographical Distribution: Different species all over the world

Life Cycle: Incomplete Metamorphosis

Sexual Dimorphism: Pheromone communication

Food: All feed off plant and grass sap

Habitat: Virtually any terrestial and fresh water habitat

Ecological Importance: Pests and can carry plant viruses

Economic/Agricultural/Human Health Importance: adult leafhoppers are capable of biting, producing pain

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