Specimen 180 - Nic Quintero

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Location Of Collection: GGC 3

Date of Collection: September 2012

Shannon Wiener Index of Biodiversity:

Distinguishing Morphological Features: Wasp-like body with 3 segments. 4 wings, with forward wings larger than hind wings. Long antennae. Tarsi is segmented in 5 parts. Mouthpart consist of chewing mechanism. Well developed ovipositor.





Geographical Distribution: Worldwide

Life Cycle:Complete metamorphosis

Sexual Dimorphism: Males usually develop from unfertilized eggs

Food: Can be predatory and consume meat, usually of other insects. Also pollen and nectar.

Habitat: Many adults found on flowers.

Ecological Importance: Help pollenate plants

Economic/Agricultural/Human Health Importance: Can sting humans and cause fatal reaction if allergic.

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