Specimen 193 - Joshua Mann

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Location of collection: GGC2

Date of collection:September 2012

Shannon-Wiener index: 2.064



  • Hymenoptera


  • Unknown


  • Unknown

After sequencing, genus and species

  • Unknown


Distinguishing morphological features Body: often "wasp-like", often constricted between thorax and abdomen Wings:

  • Four membranous, FW little larger than HW 1 or more small hooks on anterior margin of HW

that are used to couple HW to FW during flight, in small forms, venation very reduced; Antennae:

  • Medium in length


  • Five segments


  • well developed, sometimes long, sometimes modified into a sting;


  • chewing, always with well developed chewing mandibles,

sometimes maxillae and labium elongated into a sucking "tongue"

Geographical Distribution

  • World-wide

Life cycle: Holometabolis. Life cycle has egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Overwintering/resting/diapause stage (egg, larva/nymph, pupa, adult) Sexual dimorphism (distinguishing features of male and female):

  • Females typically have a special ovipositor for inserting eggs into hosts or otherwise inaccessible places.

What it eats Adult stage:

  • The most primitive forms are typically herbivorous, feeding on leaves or pine needles.
  • Bees feed on nectar and pollen.

Habitat Larval/nymphal stage


  • Pollenization of various plants and a food source to predators
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