Specimen 221 - Keneesha Bonner

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Location of collection:

Georgia Gwinnett College 

Date of collection:

August 2012

Shannon-Wiener Index of Biodiversity:



Distinguishing morphological features of Order:

*Scale Wings
*Mouth converted to suck nectar
*SleeK body that is derived from larva state

Sub-order ? Family ? After sequencing, genus and species ?

More Commonly Associated With:


Geographical Distribution:

*Wide Spread with the exception of Antarctica

Life cycle:

Metamorphosis Cycle
*Adult with Wings

Sexual dimorphism:

*Adult females of many Psychidae species who have only vestigial wings, legs, and mouthparts as compared to the adult males who are strong fliers with well-developed wings and feathery antennae.

What it eats:Larval/nymphal stage Adult stage


Habitat: Larval/nymphal stage Adult stage

*Larva has habitat where their food is located
*Adault stage with Wings can fly a distance to obtain food/nectar

Ecological Importance: Larval/nymphal stage Adult stage

*Pollination for reproduction

Economic/agricultural/human health importance: Larval/nymphal stage Adult stage

*Domestic Usages

PCR product: gel picture?

Sequence data:

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