Specimen 226- Manuel Vargas

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Location of collection: GGC 4

Date of collection: August 2012

Shannon-Wiener Index of Biodiversity:H'= 3.699


226 ecology.JPG

Distinguishing morphological features of Order: mouth parts are similar to Hemiptera. Rising from the back of the head is a tube like beak use for sucking. It has 2 sets of wings. The fore wings are leathery, uniform texture. Wings are a roof-like structure over the abdomen. The antenna varies from short to long depending on the suborder.

Sub-order ? Family ? After sequencing, genus and species ?

Based on morphological appearances the insect belongs to Graphocephala coccinea, a family of Leafhoppers. It appears to be a Scarlet-and-green Leafhopper.

Geographical Distribution: Eastern United States and adjacent areas of Canada.

Life cycle: Eggs are thrust into soft plant tisssue in early spring. Nymphs are mostly green. Adults overwinter in leaf trash on the ground. 1 or more generations a year.

Sexual dimorphism:

What it eats: Juices of weeds and cultivated plants.

Habitat: Meadows and gardens.

Ecological Importance:

Economic/agricultural/human health importance:

PCR product: gel picture?

Sequence data: not available

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