Specimen 257 - Russell Corley

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Location of Collection: GGC site #1

Date of Collection: August 2012

Shannon-Wiener Biodiversity Index: 3.59


IMG 0035.JPG

Distinguishing morphological features of Order:

Wings are usually membranous, fore wing a little larger than hind wing, wings primarily covered in scales. Sucking mouth parts that form coiled tube when at rest, generally have labial palps but maxillary palps not visible. Slender long antennae and sometimes plumose in moths and knobbed in butterflies.

Sub-order ? Family ? After sequencing, genus and species ?

Geographical Distribution:

Life cycle:

Sexual dimorphism:

What it eats:Larval/nymphal stage Adult stage

Habitat: Larval/nymphal stage Adult stage

Ecological Importance: Larval/nymphal stage Adult stage

Economic/agricultural/human health importance: Larval/nymphal stage Adult stage

PCR product: gel picture?

Sequence data:

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