Specimen 68: Jessica Wright 2

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Location of collection: Beaver Pond/Shannon H value: 2.7

Date of collection:9/2011

JWR2IMG 0033Dip 2.jpg

Distinguishing morphological features of Order: only one set of wings, Eyes: large, Mouth patrs: varible, Taris:5 segmented

Geographical Distribution

Life cycle :( holometabolis) Overwintering/resting/diapause stage:embryo(egg), larva, pupa, adult/ Sexual dimorphism: the males initially flies on top of the females, facing in the same direction then in the opposite. This allows the male to mate while remaining upright

What it eats Larval/nymphaphal stage Adult stage: solid food consumes only liquids

What eats it Larval/nymphal stage Adult stage

Habitat Larval/nymphal stage Adult stage

Ecological Importance Larval/nymphal stage Adult stage: they are pest for plants and humans and transmit disease to humans, but benefits in pollinate flavoring plants, decomposition of organic matter, usage as a agent of insect pests

Economic/agricultural/human health importance Larval/nymphal stage Adult stage

PCR product gel picture?

Sequence data

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