Specimen : Annalise Reagan 1

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Location of collection: Forest

Date of collection: September 2011

Bio Bug 1.jpg

Distinguishing morphological features

  • One pair functional wings
  • Halteres, modified wings replacing hindwings
  • Large compound eyes


  • Diptera


  • Nematocera (flies with multi-segmented or long antennae)
  • Brachycera (flies with stylate or short antennae)
  • Cyclorrhapha (flies with aristate antennae)


  • Culicidae - mosquitoes
  • Tipulidae – crane flies
  • Simulidae – black flies
  • Muscidae – house flies
  • Cecidomyiidae – gall midges
  • Calliphoridae – blow flies
  • Drosophilidae – pomace flies



Morphological features

  • Mouth parts
    • piercing parts to bite, formed into a beak, usually several segmented, but rising from the back of the head
  • Wings
    • when present, usually 4 wings, front wings leathery or membranous, uniform texture throughout, wings at rest held roof-like over abdomen
  • Antennae
    • short, bristle-like or relatively long and slender with 10 or fewer segments

Life cycle

  • Hemimetabolis (paurometabolous)
    • egg, larva/nymph, adult
  • Sexual dimorphism
    • Most look alike but when different based on color and size

What it eats

  • Herbivore
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