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About Me

Hi! I'm Caleb Stanberry and I live in Lilburn, Georgia. I Graduated Parkview High School in 2018. I played Basketball at Parkview all four years in High school.Right now I live with my mom, dad and my brother. I also work at the Library at GGC. I am also I small group leader at my church for the middle school boys. I am heavily involved with my church, mostly because I'm a preachers kid.



Right now my major is undecided.


  • I love Sports, especially Basketball and football. I love watching, reading and talking about sports.
  • I also love to hang out with my friends.
  • I also like hanging out with my small group.
  • My favorite places to go are to the mountains and to the beach.
  • My favorite show is The Office and also The Last Kingdom
  • My favorite basketball players to watch is Lebron James. I believe he's the best player of all time.

Lebron james.jpg Lastkingdom2.jpg Theoffice.jpg

Travel Page

I love going to new places. I especially the mountains and the beach. To find out about my trips click the travel page. Click here

Food Page

Here's a link to my page of my favorite foods. Click here


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